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Ready to be folded-up nice.

Ready to be folded-up nice.

So, I’m done.

Ready to roll out this inexpensive, lazy-man’s, leave-behind promo.

The Oracle is acting like a glorified postcard… or business card.

It’s a mini ad campaign and it’s gotta work for us. It’s gotta bring the AIDA.


Attention > Interest > Desire > Action



So obviously, we want our promo pieces to attract attention.

The Oracle might have a more attractive package in colour… but we’re on a budget, so that’s just tough sh*t for me.

It’s an attractive, interesting design… but the most attention-getting aspect is it’s mysteriousness.

If I came across this while shopping for art supplies… I’m thinking, “What is this? What’s it doing here? Who’s is it?”

Oooh, the mystery – must investigate.

Attention accomplished.


The Oracle isn’t going to interest everyone – some people may be too busy to care, or it won’t engage them – that’s fine.

People who are interested and engaged with the Oracle and open it and play with it are definitely people that I want to work with.

“Yes, this speaks to me.”
“Oh, this is useful information.”
“I love a mystery, let me solve this.”

These are the kinds of thoughts going through the head of someone who’s connected to my brand and style.


I want to be your heroin.

Let me be your heroin.

The oracle is designed to create desire in a particular kind a person.

They are interested in what I’m putting out there.
They are connected to my brand and style of fun.
The Oracle for them is entertaining, they like my style and they want more.

The premise here is bringing the public what I do in a way that is consistent with my branding and style which creates desire in those that connect to want to get their art biz info from someone like me.

I want them to want more. Desire.


This is important.

You can put out all the interesting, desirable promos you want – but unless you’re including a call to action that furthers your business goals – it’s just pretty pictures in the wind.

You may want to promote a new launch of work – a new series or release of a new limited edition print… or maybe a show or convention or book signing or workshop… whatever – you’ve got something going on that you want the people to go to or register for or buy.

Good – put that clearly on your promo.


Don’t give people a bunch of options.

Don’t include all your social media links.

Your call to action has a singular focus connected to your business goal.


I’ve got my Oracle linked up to a specific landing page that I made just for this promo.

I’m going for mailing list sign ups – so I’ve got a video (more of my brand and special Lezley sauce) and a sign up box and very little else to distract from my goal.

The landing page is connected to a Google Analytics Event (that I don’t know how to do yet – but I will and I’ll report back on results!) so that I can track how many times it’s viewed.

Based on how many I put out and how many people viewed and signed up, I’ll get a sense of how successful this promo was at converting people to my list.

Ta dah!

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