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UnSTucK-CoverI just finished Get UnSTucK and I realized that I’ve never really discussed my healing path in any but the most cursory of ways.

My healing practice… or connection to Beloved Presence practice is quickly becoming core and central to everything that I’m doing with the business – so I thought, “Hey – why not share?”

HEY, why not??

The Healers

I’m not a healer.

Not even close.

I’m a teacher, an educator – and a communicator. So I may share tools to heal, but I’m definitely not practicing as a healer.

Healers are different.

Any healer worth their salt will never take credit for your healing.

The ones that I have stuck with, who have done the best for me have always maintained that they help us do the healing for ourselves.

They help hold a safe place for us to feel and integrate.

Gail Cooper

18420Gail was my first healer. She was a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which was super awesome because Hands of Light and Light Emerging had both hugely impacted my understanding of the body energy system, chakras and healing.

Gail was in her 60’s when I met her… 20 years ago.

She had been a nurse for 40 years before turning to energy healing – which is more of a proactive treatment of discomfort before it can become disease.

51rmg2oHTrL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_It fascinated me that her study of the body energy system enmeshed and was interwoven with her medical understanding of the human body’s physical systems.

Gail was fantastic and was a nurturing, soft, kind introduction to me putting into practice my beliefs about who we really are and how things really work here.

I worked with Gail for 4 years before I moved out of the area… and that’s when I met Kimberlee.

Kimberlee Wilson

Kim's current priority is her son and the little one on the way!

Kim’s current priority is her son and #2 on the way.

Kim is one of my best friends… and she’s my healer.

I don’t know if that would work for everyone… but it works for us.

Kim is one of my most valued confidantes. She knows my life, she knows my heart, she knows my beliefs and my loves and my blocks.

She is in the perfect position to help me move through my shit.

And she does… and she’ll call me on my shit too.

Kim is also an artist. This is a piece from our gallery show at Beaux Arts Brampton in... 2005?

Kim is also an artist. This is a piece from our gallery show at Beaux Arts Brampton in… 2005?

Which I value so highly.

She helped me finally find true love

I know how that sounds, but it’s true.

Kim has been working with me on my healing path since 2003.

If I hadn’t been working with her to shift the blocks and resistance I had to intimacy and trust… I never would have been able to attract Keith into my life.

I wouldn’t be in a happy long-term relationship with a man who cherishes me if I hadn’t done the work with Kim to be ready to accept him.

KeithLisasWeddingKim has helped me shift shit that I didn’t even know I had held on to… grief and loss over past relationships, grief and regret over how I’ve allowed myself to be treated…

We are complicated, layered beings of sensation… Kim has helped me connect and clear what no longer serves me and my purpose.

Click for larger view.

Click for larger view.

Kim is a student at Hogwarts

Seriously. Kind of.

Kim is currently expanding her healing toolbox and is finishing up her certification in the Traditional Western Herbalist program at The Toronto Institute of Traditional Medicine.

I can’t help but think she’s taking Herbology at Hogwarts.

You understand.

Herbology Muthf*ckers!

Herbology Muthaf*ckers!

The Healing of Books

QueensLogo_colourI actually graduated from Queen’s University with a medial degree in History & English.

(Books have always been a faithful lover.)

They’ve also been healers and teachers when I didn’t have anyone else.

I want to share with you my very favourite. Those that were elemental in forming my healing path and pushing me forward.

My Favourites


Eastern Body Western Mind

The most comprehensive chakra system volume I’d ever read.

It goes through each of the chakras individually and discusses balance plus different ways that we can be out of balance. There are a lot of stories and client histories which makes the information rich and juicy.

I refer to this one regularly.


Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets

Have you been missing the Goddess?

Here she is.

This one reads like researching on Wikipedia when you have 20 tabs open in the browser. Have many book marks handy.

I’ve read this to tatters.


The Cartoon History of Time


It’s back in print! That’s amazing! I’ve loved this book since university when Galen found and bought me a used copy.

My spiritual beliefs are wrapped up in the quantum realm.

Return to love

A Return to Love

This is a much more accessible version of the material found in A Course in Miracles.

If you’d like the Coles Notes’ version – this is it… but just as powerful and packed with really down to earth wisdom.

I love how Marianne isn’t guru-y or holier than thou at all… she’s right in the muck with us.

I really appreciate that.


Conversations with God

This one went all the way.

We are God. Yet we know it not.

Or don’t believe it, or think it can’t really be true…

It’s true.

You know… the whole thing is God.

Everything. Every jot and tittle.


The Holographic Universe

Oh man… this fried my noodle a little bit.

It’s part of my quantum spiritual study.

Everything is everything.



The Hero with a Thousand Faces

I’ve talked of Joe before.

I’ll talk of Joe again.

In all honesty, I call him for guidance and advice and I’m glad he’s passed because it’s easier for me to call on him now.

“Of course you’re a divine reminder – everyone needs a divine reminder.”

Because we forget.


The Power of Myth

Or this one.

I stole it from my brother… or rather he lent it to me and I purposely have never given it back.

I’m never giving it back.

Next, let’s talk about Beloved Presence.

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