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Good Friday

I’ve never understood why it’s called “Good Friday”. How can the crucifixion of a man be ‘good’ or cleanse me of my sins?

Châtâ, ‘âshâm, ‛âvôn, shâgâh and pesha‛ are the most common Hebrew words in the Old Testament for sin and actually mean; “missing the mark”, “trespass”, “inequity”, “ignorance” and “revolt”. Nope, no mortal sins in sight. No burning in hellfire for eternity. No need to be cleansed of an Original sin… this was made up later to make you feel bad about yourself and convince you that you need the church to heal you. Yay religion.

Personally, I dig Jesus. I think he was super awesome and I can do away with all the miracles, virgin births, walking on water and resurrection hooplah. And a big middle finger to ‘the only son’ of God. Pffft… you and I are not chopped liver my dears (yes, yes – also children of God, all of us, yes – no one is exempt, no one is outside). Jesus works for me as an exemplary HUMAN life lived. Charity, non-judgment, loving acceptance and forgiveness even for those that killed him, is a human life lived well enough to be Divine and lived well enough to be followed as an example.

See Strong’s Concordance for the original and roots for all Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldean and Greek words in the Old and New Testament. Also an app in iTunes!