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For Christmas I’d like to offer you this video.

It’s in Norwegian, so… well, you have to go by gut. I guess.

To set it up >> Aleksander Gamme is at the end of his 3 month trek across the South Pole.

He’s lost 110 lb. and has spent 3 months in a state of constant hunger. Alek has buried ‘caches’ along the route back to be dug up as he comes upon them. Just items that he doesn’t need to carry the whole way, extras and stuff.

He’d forgotten what he’s buried here. Enjoy.

I wish you joy like this for the rest of your life. The miracle of food and love and art and beauty.

May you invite joy and create joy. May 2013 be the beginning of your learning to attract more joy for yourself and others.

May you be a spreader of joy.

Take good care,

Smileys for you.

Smileys for you.

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