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©Jill Thompson

©Jill Thompson

Jill is right up there with Katie Cook on my scale of awesome illustrators.

It’s the cute.

It’s the watercolours.

And the magic.

Don’t forget the magic.

No… don’t forget the magic…
SandmanFablesReflectionsIt all started with Sandman.

I know how popular this series is – but I can’t emphasize how profoundly shaped I was by this story.

It touched me in deeply symbolic and metaphysical ways that changed how I thought of myself in this world.

It changed how I thought about the world itself.

Reality becomes a little bit squishy when you light the fire of magic.

When gods are allowed to walk among us everyday the veil between life and imagining becomes very thin.

There are whole weekends lost to Sandman – and probably 4 or 5 years of my life where I read through the whole series for the first time… and then devoured everything that I could find associated or spun off from the series… The Books of Magic, Lucifer, Hellblazer

That’s where I fell for Jill. GIRL CRUSH.

Sandman & Death: At Death’s Door

©Jill Thompson

©Jill Thompson

Jill wrote and illustrated a manga-inspired graphic novel about everyone’s favourite endless, called “At Death’s Door”.

It’s a retelling of the series’ “Season of Mists” story line – Lucifer has abandoned Hell, the gates are left open and the inhabitants come and squat in Death’s apartment.

Filled with lols y’all.

This gallery is mostly Jill’s work from the 2008 Sandman Retrospective at Gallery Nucleus


Little Endless

©Jill Thompson

©Jill Thompson

This is my FAVOURITE.



I am such a nerd – but I LOVE these!!

I’m so bummed that I haven’t found a full set of Little Endless statues yet.

It’s on my list.

©Jill Thompson

©Jill Thompson

How can you not love life a little more after seeing these illustrations?

And then there was a second book!!

Endless squeeeees!!

(I used to sit and stare at these illustrations. Jill wields watercolour like a magician.)

Please enjoy this gallery made up of all the cuteness overload:


Then there was Scary Godmother


©Jill Thompson

©Jill Thompson

Honestly, can this woman get any cooler?


Can I want to BE her anymore??


I loved this so much – I was thrilled to support Jill’s Kickstarter to make a Scary Godmother Fashion Doll.

That’s right, I’m a backer – and one day I’ll have my own Scary Godmother doll, and then you’ll want one too.

Kickstarter and Scary Godmother gallery:


Random squee leftover

Okay, so I’m crashing off my chibi-high.

The squee has almost left – but before I go, I want to share with you some random joy that I have collected over the years.

Yes, I love me some comics.

They are a true and sacred pal.

Things I have gallery:

Thanks for sharing in things I love.

"Live creative."
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