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Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan regularly serves me joy with her beautiful illustrations of magical ladies.

Plus – Daniel Smith watercolours!

I”ve been following her for awhile and can’t believe I haven’t featured her on the blog yet!

WHAT have I been doing with myself?

I’m a big fan of portraits and Kelly renders beautiful faces – and stunning hair.

See for yourself:

Kelly Gallery of Awesome



Video Gallery and Techniques Info

Kelly has a YouTube channel where she features time lapse painting videos and has a few how to demos.

I was particularly partial to this one as she showed how she stretches watercolour paper onto stretcher bars.


Apparently Kelly has updated her process and now she mounts watercolours onto cradled wooden panels.

You can own a copy of Kelly’s tutorial and processes via digital download on Gumroad.

Check out all of Kelly’s products on Storenvy or get acquainted with Kelly through this Every Day Art Original interview.

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