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In the last article I left you hanging with offers of an embed code.

This code is used to encourage web-owners to share your inspiration nuggets on their own websites with all your weblink and source info intact.

Neil Patel over on Quicksprout offered up this great embed code template for sharing images and retaining links back to your own website. Neil used it in relation to infographics, but it works just as well for our artwork inspiration nuggets.

Click in the box above to copy and paste the code for yourself!


I copied and pasted the code above into the text editor of this wordpress post and added the picture and link url.

My Awesome Art by
Lezley Davidson
Upload the quote image to your website server and add the image URL and other details of the embed template to control how the image is shared.

You control two links back to your website. You can direct people back to an about, portfolio, product or shop page. The embed code makes it easy for others to copy and paste a beautiful image for their own blog or purposes and you get juicy links back to your website. Everybody is winning.

Inspiration Nuggets Create More Product Diversity

Sharing quote images can be rolled into more product diversity for your biz.

Choose the top 12 most popular image shares and collect them into a calendar, or fridge magnets or a collection of oracle cards or keychains or mugs or… Literally, whatever.

Alibaba has created a source for global manufacturing for almost anything. If it fits with your brand, use POD or have the products made and expand your product and price point offerings.

Offering diverse products opens up a greater range of possible collectors of your work. Not everyone is in a position to buy original art and offering merchandise can encourage admirers to become buyers sooner – who may also go on to become collectors of your original work.

There are a variety of types and levels of merchandise an artist can offer from reproductions, merchandise products, semi-originals and jewelry. We have a class called RRR (Triple R or ReUse RePurpose ReSell) that covers all kinds of different avenues to create more revenue streams with images that have already been completed.

Make it once and sell it again and again.

A winning strategy for many artists.

The Search and The Ask

Have you ever Googled yourself or your most popular images? Try it sometime.

It’s a good exercise to check in to make sure that your website is coming up first in a name search and that your images are coming up attached to the right websites and there’s nothing weird going on.

Once I found a tonne of images from my website had been listed and available “for sale” at Even my side bar class promotion images and random blog images were listed when I searched my name on their site.

Today, just now – this image has been pulled from my post “Your Art Inventory”.

It’s an automated search kind of thing and they claim to not steal or keep images on their server. Essentially they search the internet and provide images based on your search terms… But when you click on an image it gives you the option of buying a print of that image in a variety of sizes.

It’s a skeezy practice and totally not acceptable. have an infringement DMCA link in their footer. Emailing that link and completing their form removed my images from their search function. I had to do that all again today as I researched this article as they’ve included images I’ve posted to my site since I first notified them of the original infringement!

What’s great for artists’ is that we can search by image:


Search by images.

Choose Images from Google home page.

Click the camera

Click on the camera in search bar.

Search by url or upload an image.

Choose to search by URL or choose a file from your computer.

The results from a hosted image url.

Google will search for that image all through the internet. You will also see images similar to your own (which can be good to see what else might be happening in your style niche).

Results from a hosted “inspiration nugget”. Notice the inclusion of many “like” images with text.

If the images show up as on your own website or social media… Great – but sometimes there are shenanigans.

In the case of shenanigans (like your images being used without attribution), email the website contact and politely inform them of their oversight and ask that they add a link back to your website.

I can see this image has started to be shared on Pinterest.

To make it easy, provide the web url on which you found your image being used.

You could also provide your image source and website link so the webmaster simply needs to copy and paste it into their blog post and ta dah! More link juice for your website.

Artists are already uniquely suited to do well with social media image sharing. Including these small additions to our social media practice can make our images even more powerful in showcasing our gifts to potential collectors.

Make great images and sell more art.


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We can’t just be stealing images off the Googles to prettify our blog posts anduse as reference for our art… As much as we’d love to – it’s rife with legalities. Here are some options that promise inspiration without the infringement.