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Showing_a_leg_-_Flickr_-_Slut_Jennifer_Ann_for_reposting*****EDIT: I somehow lost the original post for Art A&A #54 – Marketing Offline. This seemed appropriate, so I tucked the podcast in here. Please read the blog and enjoy the podcast as separate, but equally enjoyable offerings of my love for you. 😀 *****

The internet is such a flirt.

She shows a bit of leg and makes it look like she’ll go all the way… but she’s really playing the game by “the rules” and won’t put out until we prove that we’re worth it.

The internet is great at amplifying the broadcast – it can make our head spin with the *potential* reach of millions, if not billions of global masses.

But that’s rarely the reality for most entrepreneurs with an online biz component.

The truth is…

Most businesses start in real life

Most creative businesses are building their foundations in real life.

Exhibitions, group shows, art fairs, conventions, conferences, teaching, speaking… they are the real brick and mortar locations where we meet the people in the flesh.

There is nothing more powerful than forging immediate connections in person. Sharing stories of purpose and meaning or that visceral spark of recognition at meeting a kindred spirit.

There is precious and powerful magic in human connections which is replicated palely on the internet.

(I’m not saying they don’t happen – but they are not the same. They lack the intensity of an in real life connection, or they fade quicker or are easier to be dismissed. The internet creates bonds that are easier to let fade. Real life cements connects that can last even prolonged absence from one another.)

Our online presence is more powerfully built by the word & interaction of the people we meet in real life.


kevin__sarah___t_mode_birthday_party__by_kevinbolk-d4vv9wbKevin & Sarah of Interrobang Studios are 2 of the most connected and committed artists I know who do an amazing job of translating in real life connection into a successful business.

Their fans spread the love online as well and many of them will come to shows specifically to see them and buy their latest books and art… because.

Here they’ve created a live event to include their fans in a fun social event. Think of these kinds of events and happenings that can make your show or exhibit more connective, meaningful and personal to your audience.


It’s your really real, actual face

An interaction online that was built in real life has a permanence and power to broadcast that can’t be replicated by someone who thinks your tweets are clever.

The real life connections have seen you laugh and shared hugs or tears over the ways art connects us. They can interact with you online with knowing and love.

They’ve seen your eyes twinkle. They’ve watched you get passionate about what you do and wave your hands around while you share your joys at creating.

They’ve been in the presence of your reason and purpose.

That’s fucking powerful.

That is the foundation to your success.

Be that real online… but know that your biz will likely build it’s solid foundations in real life.

The internet just amplifies what’s already happening in the real world.

So… when’s your next show, exhibition, event, speaking gig, book tour?

That’s right. Go create an opportunity for yourself.


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