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Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.14.20 AMThis is a pretty neat app that I came across thanks to

Visualize your own art in ideal spaces for promotion – &/or give your buyers the ability to visualize your art in their homes!

This is a really flexible, functional app to help artists market their artwork.

The Walnut App How To:

WALNUT Artwork Visualisation from Walnut Art on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.15.01 AM



These are screenshots from the iPhone5:

Pretty cool.

Revenue Streams Sidebar

What’s better than one stack of cash?

2 stacks.

Even better yet – how ’bout 5?

That’s basically the premise for creating more revenue streams.

If one stack of cash dries up – there are 4 more to take care of you while you’re creating more and more avenues to earn.

This is smart.Learn More SF

It’s the way to recession-proof your biz.



This is essentially another kind of Walnut App. Upload images and backgrounds and you can show your work in situ like a pro.

Use these images on your website as additional promotional images. Share them on social media with links to your shop or gallery.
These are screenshots from the iPhone5:

This acts as a mobile gallery. People can search for your art on their devices or at iArtView online. When you upload your art you have the option of including a price and whether it’s sold or not and also linking to the gallery that has the original for sale – ie. your house. 😀


I haven’t looked into it too deeply – and I will, I promise – but Houzz looks to work for a number of edgy urban Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.18.58 PMcreatives making items for any number of house decor categories.

You can sell your work on the app and be found in search and have your work featured in home decor models like Toronto-based artist Sarah Phelps.


Motion Portrait

This is a little bit of a different idea – a little more fun and whimsical for those of you painting portraits.

This app animates portraits to make them look “alive-ish” and shareable on social media.


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Two artist friends of mine have put together a killer concept and promotion for artists wanting to create an elite brand for their art business.

We need quality, clear, true to life images of our art that is an accurate representation of the piece of artwork in real life. We need to make those images work for our biz.