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THIS is far more inappropriate than "F*ck" -  (and equally hilarious).

THIS is far more inappropriate than “F*ck” – (and equally hilarious).

This happens ALL the TIME…
No, that’s not true. It happens in CYCLES.

I just had a huge influx of sign-ups to my list.

“Hello there beautiful people…”


I made a POINT of having my first mailer to the new folks have a swear in the title.

This was ON PURPOSE.

Those of you who’ve been around for awhile know exactly what I’m talking about and where this is going.

I can see you nodding your heads.

You get it.

You know what I’m doing. And why.



F*cking right.

Swears are fun… and charged with emotion. Yay!
Passion – intensity. Go feels!

I use swears to pre-qualify my list.

I use swears to screen out people who think swears are inappropriate.

It’s that simple. I use swears to make people who have a problem with swears to jump ship.
This is a place of REALNESS.

This is a place of safety where we can talk about the real life of being an artist and it’s joys and pitfalls.

For me to be safe – I need to be able to express exactly as I am.

For me, swears are an integral part of that. Being HONEST enough and COURAGEOUS enough to talk about the vulnerablilty in creative life is part of that.

I never want this space to have anything to do with judging expression. I want judgement of expression FAR from here.

We talk about vaginas.
AND we talked about the Vagina Fallout.

I don’t grow when I keep it “safe”.

And frankly, I don’t want to work with anyone who gets all tight over swears or can’t handle a vagina… forget it!

Life’s too short – this world is filled with amazing pants people who are energized by my way – let me work with them and let the others drift away.

YOU, do this with your art.

Be prepared to offend and repel.

Your purpose as an artist isn’t to make people comfortable.
It’s to come here and share your shine with the world.
Not everyone has to like it.

Go. Do that.
Fuck everything else.

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