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I have Young Shaney to thank for introducing me to Oooh, and I Like it, Kagan McLeod‘s music and art blog.

This guy is one of my new favourites – but he’s been big shit around town for way longer than that.

©Kagan McLeod

©Kagan McLeod
©Kagan McLeod
Oooooh… and I like it. And here’s the History of Rap poster in all it’s awesome mcawesomeness:

©Kagan McLeod

You can pick that up at The Beguiling in Toronto.
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I have the whole set of Strangers in Paradise tpb collection. It was a good story, sure… but I also kept coming back for Terry Moore’s drawing and clean, dynamic line style. I’ve had more than a couple people say that my comics remind them of Terry Moore. I don’t agree… but it still gives […]

I ordered a bunch of my favourite felt tip brush pens and they arrived super quick!

– so I thought I’d share with you my love of the Kuretake disposable brush pen.

Princess M. submitted her art to me months ago and I’ve finally got some room to start posting more Feature Friday Artists. If you’re interested in featuring your work on The Artist as Entrepreneur (TAAE), check out the Feature Friday Artist page and submit your deets and photos. (Princess M – thanks for being so […]

Keith asked, “Why a snake and horse?” Do you know? All the best in 2014 – may this be the year that brings all our goals to fruition.

Forget kids – you don’t need kids to buy gorgeously illustrated kids books.

This is a traditional Chinese practice paper and I really like how it takes ink. You can’t really blend watercolour at all, but you can spot colour a pen and ink illustration really well.

Kawairi Chiri is probably my favourite to work with. Similar enough to watercolour paper to move around and bleed and be awesome, but different enough to not be watercolour paper… which would be boring.

This month I tested 10 rice papers with watercolour, acrylic, micron & copic pens and my trusty Pentel brush pen.
If you like to skip ahead – my favourites were Kawairi Chiri, Masa & Kingin.