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©LezleyDavidsonJoseph1616So, I’ve updated Feature Fridays to be Fearless Friday (or whatever the fuck I want Friday).

The framework is simply to share inspiring, amazing, uplifting, encouraging… people, places and things that make me happy to be alive.

That’s it – but now it can encompass a LOT of things.

So let’s start.

Hello Joe

I love this man.

I truly love him like a guru or a god. He is a World Teacher and a man of total inclusion.

His ideas make me feel part of a bigger reality. Part of a sacred, divinely purposed, meaningful act.

Joe makes me feel that living is a sacred art. I think he would agree.


I’ve written about Joe beforeand before that.

He is integral to my purpose.

When I forget about Beloved Presence. He reminds me.

Joe is my Yoda.

And I keep painting him.

This is the front window at my old store in Markham. Hello Joe, right smack dab in the middle of the place.

Find out more about Joe at The Joseph Campbell Foundation. Lots of free Joe to get you started.

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Your creative path is this path.

While on your path you will be a beacon of light to others showing them the experience of being alive.