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Interrobang has a Patreon!!

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Kevin and Sarah.... daaaaw.

Kevin and Sarah…. daaaaw.

Today we talk with Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez from Interrobang Studios

We kinda go off the rails a bit with today’s interview – depression, stand-up comedy, Kickstarter, pre-orders, print and convention advice and cartoon titties.

I even learn a lesson about self-righteous anger from the wise old crone that is Kevin Bolk.


Stuff around the webs:

Check out this link to a fan page that has a nice collection of Kevin’s art work and fine praise to boot.

It included the image of the Avengers poster that we discuss during the gender imbalance portion of the podcast.

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Ensign Sue 3 will be available sometime in April – check the website for more details.

Click here if you’re interested in seeing us eat deep dish in Chicago.

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SPX & the Last of the Zodiac

I’ll be at SPX this weekend with the wonderful Clare Moseley and Interrobang Studios folks, Sarah Martinez and Kevin Bolk. We’ll be sitting tables B1,2. Here’s a floor map that may or may not be accurate. Apparently there was damage to the hotel due to the earthquake and the exhibit hall lacks sufficient entrance areas […]

Wizard World Chicago

I’m going to America! …I also left booking my ticket so late that I’m spending $1300 for the convenience of a direct flight. #fail PLEASE COME OUT AND BUY MY STUFF!! (lul) I’ll be sitting in Artist Alley at BOOTH 3701 with Clare Moseley and Sarah Martinez and Kevin Bolk from Interrobang Studios, so come […]