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Can’t wait to try this stuff out.

They match the existing line of Liquitex acrylic colours and can be used with them!

They are water-based polyurethane, not acrylic!

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I ordered this online from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is organized in sliding scale of transparent / staining / semi & opaque paradise. The top are mixed pigment Daniel Smith colours. The empty spot is for the Holbein Irodori colours that I’m getting. *art organisation orgasm* – Posted using It’s got hooks that […]

Sushi for Christmas lunch? HELLZ YEAH! – Posted using

This was a #fail that I’ll talk about later in the month. – Posted using

(Under the desk) This is where she goes when the kids are here. My vet told me to NEVER tell the kids where she hides. It’s our secret. – Posted using

I love feeding the wildlife in my neighbourhood with “garbage”. WAY better to me than in a garbage bag – also good as compost. – Posted using

These squeeze bottles have different sized nozzles on them and are great for streaming paint &/or water onto paintings. – Posted using

You can crack the spines to lay them flat and you can paint from edge to edge and right into the gutter and not totally destroy them. <3 – Posted using

I added some new services to my mobypicture account and I want to see if it’s all working. Maui got woken up as subject matter and was NOT pleased. – Posted using