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HTML_logoI do a lot of the style work on my website.

Not the actual functioning of the style sheet – but like pretty things in the side bar and pretty interest in the blog post itself.

Stephanie and Misha the magical cat.

Stephanie and Misha the magical cat.

I don’t actually know HOW to code – I’m a copy & paste fraud.

All the hard lifting is done by my IT grrrl Stephanie.

(She just re-wrote my opt-in plug-in, made it pretty AND amazing while we chatted about business and spring and the next time we’re going to get sushi.)

Sushi = WIN.

Blog Post Reality

Some people think that blogs are dead – I disagree.

Word-only blog posts are dead.

Essay-style-3000-word blog post of yester-year are dead.

Comments are dead.

I shut off comments almost 2 years ago.

The conversations are happening on Facebook or elswhere. Readers come and read the blog – then go BACK to Facebook (or elsewhere) and have the conversation.

People are getting more information than we did before – we’re just not getting it from books.

We’re also super-easily distracted so the blog format needs to focus on a variety of visual stimuli to keep people interested.

Break up big blocks of text with variety:

  • images – your art, or you in your studio making your art… or maybe cats.
  • bullet points (see what I did there?)
  • quotes
  • Text boxes
  • pull quotes
  • large, coloured fonts

Just like visual design – your post has to be visually tasty… um, I meant interesting. (tasty’s good too.)

“Visual Editor” fisticuffs

fists-311162__180I dislike the visual editor for WordPress.

It did weird things to my formatting and didn’t flow text around images the way I liked and was generally a crabby bitch…

So I learned how to use the HTML editor.

I felt more in control of my posts. The formatting was consistent across devices and browser and I was just generally more comfortable with the whole process.

I started saving the HTML code I used a lot to achieve visual interest in my posts.

I will share them with you.

Included in the download:

  • extra spacebar spaces
  • add a Google Map to your event hotlink
  • Pretty words.
  • line divider + thicker line divider
  • align center
  • add a hotlink to words or an image
  • text boxes
  • pull quotes
  • bullet lists

Download the HTML to copy and paste these formatting options into your own blog posts to make your communications pretty and interesting.

Download your HTML White Paper

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I f*cked up on one of the HTML command – </br>
It actually isn’t really anything. Apparently it just breaks WordPress enough to insert unbreakable space.

So HAHA on me.

Replace every </br> with &nbsp;

– which is proper HTML. Sorry!

Download the goods here.

Download HTML Cut & Paste.
[Right click to “save as”]


42 colour watercolour mixing chart separated into transparent, staining and granulation colours. Also includes mixing some Daniel Smith separating and granulating colours with transparent pigments.

Copic marker portrait demo of Jad Abumrad from WNYC’s Radiolab.