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382305_10151551092646457_437348604_nI don’t talk about my day job much… It’s associated with the work I do here, but often times not particularly relevant.

Until now.

I just got promoted.

Yay me.

No really – YAY ME.

I used to manage the Curry’s Art Store in Markham.

Now, I’m the new:
Education Sales Rep and Creative Arts Advocate
for Curry’s Artists’ Materials.


YAY Curry’s! YAY LIFE.

Why you care



You don’t care about my job – why would you?

I get it.
You care about you.
And so you should.

This is about YOUR day job.

What can you do to make your time at your day job more beneficial for your art biz?

What can you do in your day job to support and promote your biz?

I don’t mean shirk your work and paint at your desk.

I respect the day job.

Most artists have one… at least in the beginning.

The day job keeps us in materials and gives us a space to create and fuel to keep creating.

The day job can teach us how to be better business people. The day job can teach us transferrable skills that can be used to great benefit in our art businesses.

How can you use the time you spend at your day job to also work for your art biz?

At the day job you could:

  • Display your art in your immediate work area.
  • Ask to display your artwork in public spaces like lobbies, hallways and lunch rooms – (and leave your business cards with them…)
  • Loan your art to the executive offices and trade them out every season for new work
  • Offer your creative imagination in benefit of the company through display, packaging, reports… it’s really unlimited in what areas can be affected – the point is to show your skills to the powers that be.

    Use your art in your day job.

    It may seem unlikely, but you WILL find a way and it will make your work life more fulfilling, you will look like a pro-star to your boss and your creative muscles will be more primed to work on your own art after the day job is over.

    Creativity breeds more creativity. There’s no lack.

    It’s inexhaustible and your imagination and creative muscles get stronger when used.

  • If you see the possibility, propose more creative duties for your role within the company to your boss.

    Bosses LOVE proactive employees – especially ones that want to bring their talents to work to the benefit of the company.

    My current position is the result of seeing a need and then writing a proposal to the GM of my company, redefining the role of the Education Rep. Now I get to:

    • demo materials for teachers
    • create art demo videos for our new YouTube channel
    • create illustrations for the catalogue and education materials
    • create a mailing list and develop ongoing connection and dialogue with educators
    • grow our accounts
    • Work from my home studio – SCORE!

Make things change

I didn’t wait to get chosen for this job – I saw what I wanted to do for the6930319041_058f87466e_z company and I acted on it.

I made this happen for myself because this is closer to the work I want to be doing.

What in your day job, is closer to the work that you want to be doing?

Even if it means that you bring your sketchbook in and spent your lunch break doodling ideas – do SOMETHING in your day job that furthers your own art biz objectives.

Our day jobs are too big an investment in our time to not find ways to use that time to support our art objectives.

Everyday we have to be working towards our life goals… small steps every day lead us to the life that we came here to live.

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