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My little blurb about Seth Godin’s Purple Cow” was published in 800-CEO-READ‘s iPaper, “My Favourite Business Book by You”. I connected to this project through LinkedIn, so it’s definitely worth checking your groups and participating in the discussion.

Who says artist’s can’t be market-wise and business saavy (*wink*)… we are multi-talented and omni-focused! 


pssst… I’m on page 24.

This is my first post from the mobile wordpress app for my iPhone. How awesome is this that I can sit in the sun right now (albeit – a wee bit close to the dumpsters), and yammer off a post about this app – or a post about whatever I feel like writing about. I’ll […]

It was huge. I have a rule about bugs – I like them, they deserve to live. I like spiders, they eat bugs… it’s a whole big cycle. However, I draw the line at invading my personal space – especially not on my bed. My bed is a bug-free zone. That’s gross and creepy… now […]