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Gnomes, Faeries, Trolls… The Dark Crystal.

Brian Froud is the very first artist to enrapture me. I would sit in a chair with his book in my lap, absorbing his art.

So. Good.

I read somewhere that Brian Froud thinks he’s terrible at colour, so he paints everything very monochromatically.

Yeah… works for me.

©Brian Froud

©Brian Froud

©Brian Froud

©Brian Froud

I love this stuff.

P.S. Dark Crystal remake for the WIN!!


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Today’s Feature Friday artist is the unbeatable Kelly McKernan. Portraits and hair and emo and love it colour. Meowr.

Pythagoras, pentacles & magic math. Math and science can often seem so cold and devoid of emotion. I am drawn to math and science that shows beauty and great soul truths of our existence.

I’ve lost touch with the magic 2 times in my life – this third return is right in line with the coming of the Crone. NOT a coincidence. Synchronicity is also a sign of the magic.

I love the people. All the people. Most of the time. I’m in awe and love and fascination with the infinite possibilities that exist within in human beings… each one of us is a potential of infinite learning and growth and fascination. I’m overwhelmed with the kindness, love and compassion some human beings are capable […]