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(This is from 2012 but feels relevant today.)

** No one promised us a smooth ride…

and in my case, there’s bumpy sh*t all over the road.

My car exploded on the 401 last night and threw a piston rod and flamed and smoked and ruined my engine which means the car needs to be replaced, but without a car it makes it difficult to find a new one.

(Not to mention just how scary it was to suddenly break down in flames and smoke on a major Toronto freeway, alone, at night, and disentangle myself and cel phone from the seat belt and grab my purse and gear and escape the flaming car-b-que. My hair still smells like burning car parts.


Ella, Hissie, Gary – they all live here still.

There are stray kittens in my basement being socialized and awaiting vaccinations because I didn’t want them growing wild in the neighbourhood and creating chaos for my senior cats who deserve to be able to live out their remaining years lying in

All 6 strays found homes – 4 with me. This is Gary.

the sun sleeping, eating and getting tummy rubs.

Maui (one of said seniors) is limping after a fight last night with one of the strays and I don’t know if he’s really injured or just limping to f*ck with me because I’ve just brought 4 new kittens in the house and he is NOT amused.

I need to get my stuff out of the car and get it towed from the garage and get the other stray kittens from outside into the basement and pick up some kitty food and kitty milk, but I don’t have a car, so I’ll have to call a taxi and then get another car and it’s gonna cost me a bundle, all the while taking me away from work that I need to do so that I can actually pay for it all in the first place…

…and I start to hyperventilate.

So I said, f*ck it.

Today. I do nothing.

Today, I watch this (and be glad that Neil Gaiman exists):

Today, I’m going to comfort myself with art.

Today, I’m going to curl up in my robe and drink coffee and read comics and forget for an afternoon that all this stuff is happening.

I’m going to wrap myself in an art hug and nurture myself and lick my wounds and feed my soul.

Because sometimes we just have to take a rest.

Sometimes it’s just all too much.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves the space to rest and settle and be calm and rebuild.

Today, I’m saying it’s okay. I give myself permission to take a day off from life and embrace art instead.

I know the art will heal me.

The art will fill me again with hope and power and the strength I have to carry on and take care of my life.

The art will return me to my center. The art will bring me back to life.

It does.
Every time.
Every, single, time.



You change lives.
This is what you do.
Don’t you ever forget how important and valuable you are.

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