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The “Going for it Girl”

Hey guys, V is back and I’ve finally finished editing and uploading the rest of the interview. It’ll post over the next few weeks.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Getting a job and how it’s not a fail
  • How talking to Jim Henson helped get over the job thing
  • Being prolific
  • How developing a drawing discipline kicks up your game
  • comic conventions

I have a video too and you can watch that over on the YouTube channel if you’d prefer.

Thanks for listening!

For those interested:

  • Part I – Sherlock / Tumblr engagement / making resin toys
  • Part II – getting a job / Jim Henson / developing a drawing discipline
  • Part III – Patreon / POD / Zazzle changes / Emily McDowell & resistance to licensing
  • Part IV – Kickstarter / more revenue streams / website shenanigans & html code

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