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Testing, Testing, Testing…

Testing is pretty basic in marketing, but it’s not so obvious when you’re first starting out. You’re so excited that you’ve finally got everything up and running, you figure you’ve won the race just by having everything finally work and publish on schedule!

Give yourself props for that. For sure – getting it all going is gargantuan… revel in that for a minute.

©2012 Yay Crap by Lezley Davidson

Now, look to testing. And tracking.


Assumptions Hurt

At my work we send out flyers in publications for all our major sales and promotions. The assumption was that these publications were hitting our target and the returns were good.

However, when we tested several different publications, the results were evidence that our assumptions were wrong and the proof was that what worked before, was no longer working and a new strategy was needed.

A new distribution model was set up, the flyers went out and we had a holiday season of growth in a depressed economy. Personally, I got a raft of new customers all saying the same thing – they were surprised and delighted to get the flyer because they didn’t know we were here.

We’ve been in the same location for 19 years.


The Social Media Fail

Social media is difficult to track. Comments, follows and likes don’t necessarily convert into sales or give any useable information about engagement.

Engagement scores on Klout and Kred (here’s a more thorough explanation of Kred on Mashable) can give you an indication of how you need to interact differently with your followers, and who you follow – depending on your social media goals.

If you want to be more of an authority, a thought leader and an influencer – Klout and Kred can give you an indication of your role in social media… but it sure isn’t tracking any kind of metrics that you can use to follow conversions.  Or make changes to increase conversions.

Hootsuite tracks clicks on Hootsuite, on Twitter and Facebook (if you’ve added your networks) – but only if you use their shortener. You can drill down into more detail on your Hootsuite stats if you upgrade to their pro account.

Facebook Pages have a weekly page update: basic “like” stats and engagement –  yet it’s based on interaction on your Facebook page and isn’t any help in figuring out what’s getting traffic to your website.


The Holy Trinity of Tracking

What you need is a way to track what people do with your content and track what they do when you ask them to buy. There is a trinity of players in this; your website, Google Analytics and your newsletter software.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to take a closer look at these and other awesome services and see how they can work to make your art business and marketing more successful.

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