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BlowingMaskingFluidI almost fainted from all the blowing…

But it was worth it.

Although limited to tree and bush shapes, blowing masking fluid definitely has it’s place in your water media toolbox. Enjoy!


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Huuuuurrrr This was another time lapse masking video I made on the request of Najla Cabello (Albeit, 3 months after the request came in… derp.)

Is 3 months too long? Najla Cabello asked for me to do a demo like this back in JULY. Sorry it took me so long Najla! Hope it’s not too late for your purposes. And for the rest of us – huzzah! A time lapse masking video. The final image. I have no idea why […]

Some people can do negative painting really well – they can think that way and “see” where the negative spaces are.

I suck at it.

So, I use masking fluid to block out the positive so that I can paint freely in the negatives. Yay!

Masking fluid is one of those things that’s amazing pants and can totally make your painting life less sucky. You don’t need to try and paint around stuff and keep it clean. Nope. Why struggle? Use some masking fluid to save your highlights or any other colour/area you don’t want to ruin… and then paint […]