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Artist Myth #5: Artists Don’t Need to Know About Anything but Their Art

Any artist who wants a successful art business cannot afford to live only in the confines of a studio where making art is the only reality. If you just want to make art, and ignore the business side, then you must have other ways to support yourself. ~Aletta de Wal

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Your job is to make art AND to make sure it has the best possible chance to get out there into the big, wide world.

Your message, your meaning and the purpose for which you create anything at all becomes meaningless if it remains hidden in your basement.

Art has no meaning if it’s not shared.

If you want to have an art career, the broadcast and communication of your work to the public is just as important as the creation of the work itself.

You are your artist brand. Everything you offer to the public is your message.

“Doing Nothing is Still Marketing – It’s Just Bad Marketing”

(Keith… that never gets old.)
Be proactive about your brand and your message. Decide for yourself how you will broadcast your art and your meaning.

If you don’t do it, others will brand you in their own likeness.


Who, Where, How…

(what is the art and you’d better already know why – if you don’t, figure it out)

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You need to ID your audience, find out where they congregate and how you can connect to them. Do this through:

  • showing your art >> online, offline, in galleries, group shows, home shows, studio tours, pop up galleries, traditional & non-traditional venues.
  • broadcasting >> tweeting, facebook, video, blogs, guest publishing, workshops…
  • You want to build your contact list, connect to your audience & repeat

You need to create your own art opportunities – no one is going to come looking to lift you out of your studio and hand you a ready made audience primed and ready to buy.

You need to build that through your awesome self – your character, personality, trust, and delivering constantly valuable artwork and information to your audience that helps them, in their life, with their stuff.

Create your own opportunities…
cuz none of this means Jack if it’s not shared.


The reACTion Lab:

  • Go to the library and take out The Artist’s Market &/or The Children’s Writer & Illustrator’s Market
  • list 5 publications, blogs or companies (online & offline) that you can submit to that accept your type of work.
  • list 5 non-traditional possible venues for an art show in your neighbourhood – be ridiculous… see what comes up.
  • approach 1 retailer with which you have an affinity and ask to add your work to their shop on consignment.

Go, now. Quickly. Go and start building your dream…

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” ~Tony Gaskins


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The 5 Objections to buying by Zig Ziglar… Art acts like a mirror to remind us of who we are, or who we want to be.
Art is a mirror to remind us how we feel about an event, an idea, the world… or about ourselves.

This was an “a ha” that I wanted to share with you. It never stops being “goose bumpy” when I recognize the universe speaking to me through art or nature or random events.

Why your art matters by Fabeku Fatunmise.

I have created meaning in a ministry because I chose to become ordained; that was a symbolic act of choosing, of me exercising power, and acting and turning my life in a particular direction.
These are powerful choices and this is how we create meaning in our lives, by what you choose to do, and by what you choose to pay attention to, and what you choose to consider meaningful.

Listen here. This was pretty scary for me to publish… It’s partly why I have to publish it – even if it’s not exactly how I want to be seen in my business world – this is me finally getting to share the shiny fucking golden nugget of what you need to know: This creative […]

Use colour to emphasize the meaning of your Art Biz. Use the significance of colour and symbol and myth to emphasize and reinforce your reasons for doing what you do and sharing the work you create.