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TestTubeTabImageShadowI’ve been asked repeatedly what this is – although I think people intuitively get it, there’s value in laying it out as it is.

Basically, The re:ACTion Lab is a membership “regarding ACTion”.

The DO is the

It’s a “Lab” in that it is a space to explore and experiment with different and varied marketing and sales merch ideas.

Not everything is going to be a home run for every artist – but there is value in the investigation and the building of business skills.

Lab it up

Part of the success of your business will be the willingness you have to try and test different methods of promotion and revenue streams.

The re:ACTion Lab is a collection of classes that I’ve created on a variety of subjects to do with your art business. They are how-to, step by step, skill-based classes intended to give you the knowledge to move your art business forward to the next level – yourself.

This started out as The Marketing Lab – then evolved. There’s much more than just marketing involved in your business… and a main component is the getting going.

Hence – step by step classes and encouragement to explore and experiment with alternative paths of promotion and exposure.

Create a reaction

imageIdeally we’re creating a reaction with our art.

Our art goes out into the world, connects with unknown elements and through reaction, creates a new experience.

The re:ACTion Lab is giving you launch tools to create reactions with your art, all over the world.

Facebook group

There is a separate and hidden The re:ACTion Lab Facebook group for members of The re:ACTion Lab to share in the wins and struggles and support and information that they find while digging into their art lives and livelihoods.

Friend me on Facebook and asked to be added if this sounds like something you’d like to be part of.

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