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grass_rootsIf you’ve ever thought of creating art products for the holiday season, now is the time to be doing the research for next year.

What’s popular this year?

What trends are coming up, what’s on the wane?

What commerce storefronts have the best selection/sales for Christmas stuff?

Do the research now, but plan now to get your illustrations/fine art/cards/products/merch ready for sale by May.


Buyers and retailers are starting to look for their Christmas lines that early.

If you want to submit to holiday themed magazines, double check submission deadlines as some lead times are even earlier than May.

Plan now to get your illustrations/fine art/cards/products/merch ready for sale by May.


Christmas Cards

Holiday cards are a bit of a no-brainer as an offering.

A lower price point can serve as an entry product for the new collector and as an upsell to an existing customer.

Kate Harper ran a “Most Artistic Christmas Card Contest” that was judged by Kathy Krassner, the Director of Communications for the Greeting Card Association and the Editor-at-Large of Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine.Jen_Norton_1

Take a look at what the professionals judged most artistic, worth a second look, and showing promise.

A lot of the cards had feedback regarding style and trend, so it’s a helpful post to get a sense of what kind of trends and styles are upcoming and what they feel is stale and derivative.

Research like this is imperative if you’d like to foray into the realm of licensing and selling themed gifts and merchandise.

I’m posting a Part II on Monday about search results for Christmas items on the most popular art commerce sites, and what may be your best options when considering selling holiday themed art online.

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The “Merch Artists” are the illustrators, designers, painters, cartoonists and artisans that are creating pop culture inspired art and merchandise for sale directly to the consumer. They have become more plentiful as the rise of Comic, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Pop Culture conventions have become more popular. The “Geek as mainstream creates a huge market for merch artists.

We first “met” a couple years ago when she hired me for biz coaching for her fine art business. She loved me and my vibe and thought I was awesome. (Thanks Kim!)

She contacted me a month ago to partner as her retail agent.

Kim wanted to expand into more products and an online retail platform, but she absolutely wasn’t interested in setting up any of that stuff herself. She thought of me as the perfect person to manage and market that part of the business. (Totally true.)