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Everyone wants to grow their art biz. Everyone wants to make more sales.

One of the best ways to do that is to have more confidence when marketing, promoting and selling your work.

Confidence in the sales process is kryptonite to today’s artists – but branding can help.

Taking the time to work out the branding of your art biz is crucial to laying the foundation of how your biz will grow over time.

Working on your branding is uncovering and embracing the core value and worth of your art for your buyer.

Knowing the core value and worth of your art increases confidence

Knowing the core value and worth of your art eliminates all kinds of uncertainty that make the sales path awkward and can make you look like you don’t believe in what you’re selling.

  • Eliminate uncertainty about: what you offer – be able to speak well about the meaning, purpose and intent of your artimages
  • Eliminate uncertainty about: the value of what you offer – promote, market and sell your art confidently because you know what needs and connections are satisfied through your art
  • Eliminate uncertainty about: the customers your art will attract (and why they’re attracted) – learn to recognize and connect quickly to the type of customer most likely to connect to and buy your work.


Know Thyself Thy Brand

Good branding is to sales and promotion what accepting yourself is to self-actualization.

When we know who we are, we can embrace and value our strengths.

We can make business and marketing plans that play to our strengths… and our weaknesses can’t be used against us (‘cuz we know what they are and by now we’ve made peace with them).

Good branding brings out the best of what you do and gives you the most suitable tools to promote, market and sell your art.

One of my strengths is communication – especially in public. It’s in my best interest to start using that as a marketing tool / differentiation to highlight my offering over someone without those skill sets.

If you’re not adverse to speaking in public or in groups – use that to your advantage and integrate that into your promotion and marketing.images-3

Speak on panels at conventions or give talks at the local library, gallery or art group.

So many people are petrified of speaking in public that it actually works as a great promo tool.

Tracey works really well with her hands and is fascinated by the process of creating physical merchandise to accompany her comics.

Branding around artisanal craftsmanship and hand-built quality will attract the right customer and give her an opening to engage the conversation on a “maker” level.

Good branding will help you sell… it will make the process of marketing and selling easier – because it’s building your art biz around your personality instead of against it.

If your branding is contrary to your natural inclinations… 
  it’s probably wrong.


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