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Getting grounded is the simple answer to a lot of the spin we can feel as creatives and spirit people.

Overwhelm, unfocused, muddleheaded…

A lot of that can be attributed to energy circling around in your head and not grounding into the earth and either dissipating or growing roots as the case may be.

Also, drink more water.

Break the ground beneath your feet

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent. Natural. Comfortable.

Push down with your legs into the ground as if the spot you’re standing on is a tile and with enough force you could break it in half.

Push down with your legs and relax.

Push down with all your might and try and break the ground beneath your feet… now relax.

Do that until you feel the energies flowing through your legs.

Now, you’re grounded.

You’ll immediately feel a difference in your clarity and focus and freshness.

You may puke the first time. I did.

It’s normal.

If you want to supersize your grounding – Google Qigong “Standing Like a Tree”.

kitty  standingmeditation-767x1024

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