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Network lube.

Network lube.

We could all do a better job at networking – especially considering it’s the real grease that’s lubing up the wheels of our art biz.

Business is relationships – it always has been, it will continue to be…

Some of the tools may have changed, but the basics still apply.

Here are the basics… in illoz form. Enjoy!


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Today we talk about how networking is the single cheapest way you can boost your art biz. It’s uncomfortable, to start – but business is about relationships and trust.

If you’re a gregarious artist that needs to have people around and social interaction to be comfortable, maybe a home-based studio isn’t your best choice.

  I’ve always been a crappy photographer… I get distracted by too much beauty and try and cram the whole panorama of gorgeous reality into my shot… or else I’m totally focused on one element and don’t pay attention to the clutter that’s crowding my lens and making another picture fail. I’ve seen great photographers […]