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Podcast Triscuits

It looks like I'm showing you my grey roots. Don't say I never share. Lol!!

It looks like I’m showing you my grey roots. Don’t say I never share. Lol!!

Hey, it’s me. I’m back again with one of those little tidbits, little triscuits, a little triscuit of a podcast, that’s what this is, a little podcast triscuit.

I don’t know why that makes me so happy, though, but it does. It’s funny.

I just wrote about ditching your list.

Now I know a lot of you aren’t down with it because you love your lists and I get it, but I’m following along a theme here.

It’s something that’s happening in my own life and I want to share it with you. I think that’s what we do together, is we share where we are and then we both learn.

We both learn, we all learn, but I was talking about how I used to save every single idea that I had and I would clutch it to myself as if I’d never have another idea again, but they were all really useless.

They weren’t really juicy or alive.

They were just fragments of ideas and they weren’t even really mine.

When we’re invested in listening to what a lot of other people say, we don’t give ourselves the quiet and the chance for us to start to develop our broadcast voice.

We all have a broadcast voice.

We all have a truth that we’re sharing.

We all have a message to bring to the world.

That’s why we’re artists.
That’s why we’re creatives.

We’re here to share our truth.

We need your message

I’m just throwing it out there, that if you’ve started to collect a lot of downloads and blog posts and a lot e-books and stuff from a lot of people, but you’re not getting around to reading them and they’re not calling to you, it’s time to let them go.

It’s probably time for you to start being quiet with yourself a little bit, and it’s time for you to start nurturing your broadcast voice to come out.

It’s where I’m at. It’s time for me, not like I haven’t been doing it before, but really it’s just time for me to start saying what I came here to say.

That’s what this is about.

These are the little tidbits that I think about that I share.

Before, I used to keep them inside because I just read other people and no one else has been saying this kind of stuff, so I just keep my mouth shut.

Those fragments of ideas were really just what other people were thinking. They were my thoughts based upon what I was reading about what other people were thinking.

Now it’s time for us to start broadcasting our own messages because they’re all needed.

We need the messages.
We need your perspective.
We need what you have to offer.

We need it desperately.

We’re a tapestry that looks like shit unless we’re all living our truth together.

It’s just not complete unless we’re all living our bright brilliant thread.

Okay, that’s me. I’m out.

Please keep contacting me with your feedback. You guys are awesome. I love it every single time that you guys right. I always respond when I can. It’s totally crucial to me. I love it. Thank you. Keep it up. Take care.

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