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Now out in Kingston, getting her acrylic groove on with Tri Art, Sharlena Wood is one of my favourite artists.

A mixed media master, she creates beautiful dry media works on acrylic grounds.
A creative entrepreneur, Sharlena has created Shared Palette; interactive creative entertainment for parties and events, where guests participate in creating a gorgeous work of art together.

This chick rocks it the fuck out.
Fuck yeah!

©Sharlena Wood, Jack Rabbit

©Sharlena Wood, Wise Ears Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Balsas Screech Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Snapping Turtle

©Sharlena Wood

© Sharlena Wood, Snail-Eating-Snake

©Sharlena Wood, Chameleon

©Sharlena Wood, Northern Spotted Owl

©Sharlena Wood, Phoenix

Awesome, right?

Shar & Shared Palette have just booked with Karen G Events to celebrate Harbinger Communications launch their new Toronto digs, right in the heart of TIFF!

I love the opportunities that women are creating together these days!

We talk getting out of our comfort zone, the importance of personal branding as an artist and “donkey genes”. Part II of my interview with Helen & Keith.

Interview with Helen Walter & Keith Thirgood, regarding Ontario Plein Air Artist Retreats, returning to art later in life & the value of fucking up.

Terracotta, Ontario