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Neatness porn. So HOT.

Neatness porn. So HOT.

I like to be organized.

(That doesn’t mean that I am – I just like it better than the alternative.)

It makes me feel more calm.

Sometimes Keith and I let the house get kinda messy and cluttered. It’s not so bad, but we get these piles that grow up like toadstools in little corners…

…the floor next to the couch, the little table for the mail…

Any flat surface in my studio.

If I let these piles go on too long, or get too outta control,grumpy-cat-8141_preview_zps9177ab07 I start getting grumpy.

I’ve realized that I create mess when something doesn’t have a place to go.

We got rid of most of the house piles when we finally cleaned, organized and made room in the linen closet.

Some artists studios are messy, I know. Some artists like to work in that.

I can get messy in the middle of creating – but I need to have a clear space before I start something new.

Pro Tip:

If you can’t find an item you’re looking for in the first place you look – when you do find it, move it back to the first place you looked for it, because that’s where you think it should be kept.


It’s the same for my blog posts

Blog Post Planner

Blog Post Planner

There’s a lot of stuff to include in a blog post if you want to maximize the reader staying on your site, reading more posts, signing up to your mailing list… or whatever goals you’ve decided are important to your art biz.

I like to have systems that work for me so I created a blog post template that I can print out and use to plan my posts and not forget anything that may help me get more oomph to my message.

You can have the Blog Post Planner and the Twitter Tracking spreadsheet to help you get organized when you join the mailing list and get instant access to all the great stuff in The Library.

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I like knowing what’s going on in my business and I like systems that work.

These 2 tools are included in The Almanac. Check it out if you think you could use it.

You might have to try out a bunch of different tools to find what works for you.

Join us and try these. They may be just what you’re looking for.

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In order to make use of all the great stuff out on the internet, we need a way to collect it and organize it so it’s not just a giant chaotic pile of lego blocks.

Everyone knows that organization is good, that planning is good… but why? Why does it matter?

Why does planning & organization make such a huge difference??

I ordered this online from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is organized in sliding scale of transparent / staining / semi & opaque paradise. The top are mixed pigment Daniel Smith colours. The empty spot is for the Holbein Irodori colours that I’m getting. *art organisation orgasm* – Posted using It’s got hooks that […]

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Organizer from Staples feeds my anal-retentive-organized side. – Posted using

This is a pastel organizer, but it works great for my watercolours. I loves me some organizational. – Posted using