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I ordered this online from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

This is organized in sliding scale of transparent / staining / semi & opaque paradise.

The top are mixed pigment Daniel Smith colours. The empty spot is for the Holbein Irodori colours that I’m getting. *art organisation orgasm*

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It’s got hooks that hang on my studio door.

If I ever need to, I can buy a second one and it’ll attach onto the bottom of the first one. <3

This was a #fail that I’ll talk about later in the month. – Posted using

These squeeze bottles have different sized nozzles on them and are great for streaming paint &/or water onto paintings. – Posted using

You can crack the spines to lay them flat and you can paint from edge to edge and right into the gutter and not totally destroy them. <3 – Posted using

I added some new services to my mobypicture account and I want to see if it’s all working. Maui got woken up as subject matter and was NOT pleased. – Posted using

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The doctor looks like a crazy clown. I don’t have really good skin tones – but overall, they blend fantastic and are really fun to use.This is on Stonehenge paper. I’m going to try watercolour paper next. – Posted using [wufoo username=”lezleydavidson” formhash=”z7x3x5″ autoresize=”true” height=”433″ header=”show”]

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24 new never before seen strips for Volume III! – Posted using