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Artist Myth #8: If You Just Do Your Art, Everything Else Will “Work Out”

Many artists would love to have their only job be to create works of art, so that they could be in the studio or outside most of the time. It is the reason we chose this profession. It is what feeds our souls, but it isn’t enough to feed our bank balances. ~Aletta de Wal

Heart Thirds ©2011 Lezley Davidson, watercolour, 6 x 6
Here’s the link that I forgot to put in the video (derp):
Art Biz Blog >> Go to Blog >> Search “Inventory Systems” in the search bar to bring up all the software for artists and other useful stuff about getting your art organized.

I’m totally not an accountant or financial expert and I’m certainly not offering you financial advice. If you want to, you can get this handy spreadsheet to keep track of your business expenses for tax purposes, when you join the email list.

This is one of the great resources available in The Library.

The headers are the same as the ones found on your actual Canadian tax return (I used I did remove the Meal Expenses for Long Haul Truck Drivers. (sorry if that’s a problem) 😛

Each section has a SUM total, so you can slot your receipts in and it’ll spit out the total.


I’m pretty sure it’s okay, but I DON’T GUARANTEE YOUR NUMBERS – you want to make sure your totals are accurate… sometimes stuff happens with software and formulas and you want to make sure that you have accurate expense totals for the governement.



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Rent Cheque ©2012 Lezley Davidson, watercolour, 6 x 6
Sadly, your love for art alone, can’t pay your rent.

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Some artists think their art appeals to everyone because family and friends are always enthusiastic.

Some artists mistakenly believe that their chosen vocation entitles them to be “free spirits.” Normal rules and schedules do not apply in their world. They do whatever they want, when they want and how they want.

Artist Myth #2: Society Owes Artists a Living. Some artists feel that their contributions to society and culture merit more financial support.

I think there may be a new renaissance of illustrative traditional art on the rise. Jason Edmiston and N.C. Winters are the proof.

Honestly, I feel like I’ve wasted most of my life not knowing that this guy’s art existed. This guy, is Eyvind Earle. I’ve never encountered an artist who’s work makes me want so much. I just want all of it.     MINE. GIMME.     Disney Eyvind Earle was a long-time Disney concept & […]

I’ve been curious for awhile about the effects of certain household items on paint. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting my experiments.

Salt provides a variety of unpredictable texturizing results depending on the size and spread of the grains and adds a crystallization that is incredibly effective at evoking ice and snow.

Allowing the medium to paint itself through the help of pouring, spraying and encouraging the pigment to move where you want with water.