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This pleases me.

This pleases me.

Christine Kim

This chickita has some serious design chops.

Cut paper, watercolour, printmaking, design and photography & digital post – Christine is truly a mixed media artist creating beautifully emotive and deeply rich storytelling illustrations.

I can barely tear out a page in my sketchbook without ripping it, this lady has the patience of an ice age.

© Christine Kim - These are inspired. I love them.

© Christine Kim – These are inspired. I love them.


I can see love parallels between Christine and Bathsheba Sculpture from FF earlier this month.

©Christine Kim

I love what Christine’s doing.

I love the combination of watercolour swatches and delicate pencil work with the filigree paper work… I don’t know.

The subject matter and the presentation – it feels transformative to me.

She’s an undertaker preparing the spiritual essence for a journey. She’s Death, combining elements of a cast work for a transformational spell. She’s manipulating the planes of earth into portals to the beyond.

I gives me the feels. Love this stuff.


You can find Christine at her website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.

©Christine Kim




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Keith asked, “Why a snake and horse?” Do you know? All the best in 2014 – may this be the year that brings all our goals to fruition.

The old school method of stretching watercolour paper using plywood board, a staple gun and brown butcher tape. Still the best method for really wet watercolour techniques. NO BUCKLING.