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Peeling Onions Volume III – Keith Russell

Keith finishes off the character portraits. And the book. And more stuff. Nuff said. <3

Peeling Onions Volume III – Dorothy

Dorothy was significant in signalling some serious differences of world view between ourselves. 8 of 9 – tomorrow’s the last one for now!

Peeling Onions Volume III – Bif Naked

Although never actually being physically present, Biffy is a hurricane force in Volume III. Thank you!! <3 (Biffy’s 7 of 9 – lul!! #startrek)

Peeling Onions Volume III – Catherine

Catherine Chan: sweet and gentle surface. Raging murderous intent on the inside. (NYC sleep fail – my fault).

Peeling Onions Volume III – Joel

Ladies and gentlemen…. Joel Buxton. *applause*

Volume III Character Portraits – Phil

Phil McClorey of Furious Comics rates a portrait this year. He knows why – you’ll find out as soon as you read Volume III. Phil is part of 25 new and unpublished strips added to the book this year. Yay! Volume III will be debuting at FanExpo 2011.

Volume III Character Portraits – Kitties

Kitties. Nuff said. Here’s number 2 of 9 Character Portraits posting over the next week.

Hey there! I’m busy putting together Volume II of Peeling Onions to be ready for print in a couple weeks and I’m asking for ‘blurbage’ to grace the back cover, some inside pages… maybe on the web-site…? If you enjoy checking in on the comic and would like to participate – please feel free to […]