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Aesop’s Fables – “Hercules and the Waggoner” (Wheel of Fortune)hermitosis / Foter

Artist Myth #11: If it Didn’t Work Out Once It Will Never Work Out

Avoid the artists who tells you that they’ve “done it” and “it doesn’t work.” These artists will tell you that they contacted the right people, sent out the correct material, created the work that the public wanted, and even after doing all of this, they still didn’t get anywhere. ~Aletta de Wal

Everything Changes

All strategies, in business and in life are trial and error. We stick with things that work and try new things to attempt new results.

An art career is in perpetual promotion. Some stuff works better than others and there’s some avenues that you stick to, likely more out of affinity than hard numbered results.
The truth is, there’s never one promotional tool that you can ride for years that will always produce top returns. *sigh*

We always need to be trying new techniques, new tools, new technology… and constantly tinkering with and tweaking the old.

It’s just the way it is.

Focus on What Feeds You

Rakka / Foter

There’s enough crap in this world on the regular, you don’t need to clog your lens with the sticky scorn of the bitter and jaded. Dismiss the skeptics and switch your focus to those that can mentor and nourish your art and soul.

Cultivate a mentor list; artists you admire who are now, where you want to be in say 3-5 years.

The reACTion Lab:

With your mentor list:

  • follow them on social media
  • interact, RT, like, initiate dialogue, disagree, support or add to the value, help out, share
  • read (scour) their websites >> join newsletter/mailing list (if they have one)
  • make a point to notice:
    • what professional/art groups do they belong to?
    • where do they show their work?
    • are they represented by galleries? which? Is there a common thread?
    • where did they study? who did they study with?
    • go to their shows if geographically feasible >>watch, absorb, learn
    • ask their advice >> give thanks

List 3 artists you resonate with/admire who:

  • are on your level of influence and success now (peers)
  • embody your dream career and lifestyle

Repeat all the above mentor stuff with these 2 groups. Doooo iiiit.


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