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Drew Brophy painting the heart chakra.

Welcome to Part 2 of Drew Brophy, Physics & Sacred Geometry. Click here to check out Part I if you missed it.

In this part we dig more into more of the social aspects of what this means for us as human beings and how we can start using this knowledge to start getting the best out of life and hopefully influence others and situations to become more harmonious for the whole.


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The following are some videos that I felt help illustrate things we were talking about &/or were ideas and topics that were triggered while I was listening to the podcast playback.





The great attractor – the point that our galaxy is heading for – reminds me of strange attractors in chaos theory

"Soul First" in your InBox


Today we talk with Drew Brophy about quantum physics, art, sacred geometry, the galactic plane, resonance and the connectedness of all things.

Bathsheba Grossman. Bathsheba sculpture. I love and am mesmerized by these beautiful offspring of math and artistry.

Feynman’s my favourite. Stamped it. No erasies.

He’s the bees knees. Proof.


In 1905, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity was published to great throngs of little interest whatsoever. In 1916, Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity which also held little interest for the scientific community EVEN THOUGH, his curvature of space time finally explained the orbit of Mercury that Newtonian physics could not. In 1919 an […]


My non-scientific assertions used to bother him. A lot. Probably because they were so apt – particle theory, chaos theory, fractal theory – they have very spiritual, almost magical properties about them. Our universe, at it’s most basic level, acts COMPLETELY different from how we view the daily, functioning world. So exciting.


This subject fascinated me to no end… continues to fascinate me today. My boyfriend at the time found and bought a copy of the out of print, “A Cartoon History of Time” for me. This is how I can learn physics and complicated sciences – cartoons. Actually, I’m sure this is how A LOT of […]