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This year I asked my friends on Facebook to gift me with a word for 2018 that started with the same letter as their first name.

I was given this wonderful and inspiring selection of words that I combined to make my 2018 journal cover.

I use my journal to plan, muse, ask myself questions, work out my feels and any other thing that I’ve got going on. I use it to record my Harvest for the previous year and decide where I’m going next year.


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I’ve always disliked hope being used as an affirmation. Pretty little hope memes make me grumble… and I’ve never really investigated why I feel that way. I just chalked it up to being one of the things that can make me an asshole sometimes. But it’s more than that – and today I finally get […]

I love planning. I love a fresh new year filled with possibilities and excitement and expectation. I love re-connecting to what I’m here to do and why I love it so much. This is what happens when I work the Almanac – I reconnect with Beloved Presence and I revive what inspires me. I’m right […]

Everyone knows that organization is good, that planning is good… but why? Why does it matter?

Why does planning & organization make such a huge difference??

I spend a good part of my day talking art marketing with my staff and customers. It’s exciting to brainstorm strategy and create an action plan for more exposure. The doing part gets all the love – it’s flashy and social and has feedback built right in. However, there’s a necessary step before the action […]