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Just in time for getting away to warmer weather – here’s a collection of travel tools for painting in watercolour on the go:

Hey! Here’s a helpful index and links:

  • 0:00: Koi Watercolours
  • 4:00: Koi Watercolour brush
  • 5:05: Cotman Pocket Plus
  • 7:54: Cotman Field Plus
  • 10:27: Cotman Compact Set
  • 12:27: Cotman Field Box
  • 14:33: Compact water bucket set
  • 15:35: Arches Watercolour blocks
  • 16:57: Fluid Watercolour Blocks


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We talk getting out of our comfort zone, the importance of personal branding as an artist and “donkey genes”. Part II of my interview with Helen & Keith.

Interview with Helen Walter & Keith Thirgood, regarding Ontario Plein Air Artist Retreats, returning to art later in life & the value of fucking up.