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©Wendy Ortiz

©Wendy Ortiz

I love this piece so much…

The organic flow and shape of the hair… the natural grain of the wood, the negative space… the cosmic green and purple together.

I gives me feels in my chest.

Please meet Wendy Ortiz.

Mythical magic portraiture

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to see a theme and a “type” develop in the artists I’m choosing to showcase in Feature Friday…

Women artists creating mythical, magical portraits.

Sounds about right. 😛


“Peeps are magic.”

That’s where I go… that’s what this work touches in me is that mystical, magic, divine place where the peeps are magic.

We’re all divine, mystical soul magic wrapped in a meat sack trying every day to live in vibration with the music of the spheres.

Trying to resonate to the sound of our soul…

That’s portraiture to me.

That’s the symbolic act of every portrait since the beginning – we’re all drawing the face of God.

The Gallery of Magical Peeps



Music and a time-lapse


Wendy is self-taught and works in pastel, coloured pencil and oil – often all together.

You can find Wendy around the interwebz on Instagram, Facebook and Society6.

What I like a lot is that Wendy has released her images to be used on a lot of decorative and household objects on Society6. I really like it when art gets lifted off the walls and comes down to live with us in our daily lives.

Beauty makes things better.

A selection of Wendy’s household items:

“Celestial” Pillow & “My Queen” Shower Curtain

It’s a good idea to take a look at artists like Wendy and see how they have their website and storefront set up.

Wendy links her Society6 shop directly from her profile in Instagram (351k) and from her “Open Editions” tab in the header of her website.

Her website and Facebook pages aren’t exactly hopping, but it looks like Instagram is where her peeps are at. Instagram has been great for artists – you should definitely be on that and sharing your art on a regular basis.


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