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rp_RevenueStreamsSidebar-170x300.pngI feel like I’m talking about the same stuff over and over again – and maybe I am, because it needs repeating that to get the most out of your art business you need to be thinking ahead and earning value from your art that goes beyond one piece of art for one price.

We’ve talked about Revenue Streams and Licensing and teaching as additional revenue methods to building your art empire.

There are so many more possibilities to repurpose your art than just prints.

Prints are a low-cost, low-risk option however there is a world of choice to reuse and resell your art to create a multitude of products in a range of prices that can attract new buyers and exapand your associated markets.


RRRLogoTealStroke In order to make more money in your existing business you either need raise your prices on existing sales, or create more products to sell.

What if you could create more products that leverage existing work without having to make an entire new line of work from scratch?

That’s what we do in RRR.

Prints, merchandise, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, reproduction, semi-originals and much more are at your fingertips to create an entire new line of profitable products based on an existing, already created line or original art.

If this sounds like it’s exactly what you’re looking for to expand your existing art business – click here to learn more.

Price is going up in 2017

gold coins-128x128The RRR class is only available in The re:ACTion Lab and The re:ACTion Lab is going up in price in 2017.

I’ve kept the price ridiculously low for years because I wanted as many people as possible to have access to al these great courses.

It’s long past time for a price raise and the re:ACTion Lab will be raised to $499 USD come January 1, 2017.

Get in before then to get all the things – for one low price!

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