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Note to selfI just finished up my Harvest review and co-incidentally, Note to Self published a getting organized podcast today which dove-tailed neatly with some planner tips that I wanted to share.

According to science, we get stressed out when we have to hold more than 4 things in our brain at one time.

That’s why getting a planning system is so important; we get more done AND we protect our health by not allowing all that ugly cortizal to flood in and gum up the works.


1. Write down all the things.
2. Prioritize the things.



Prioritize with hi-lighters or different coloured inks or a,b,c or 1,2,3 or whatever system works for you.

Now you’re done. Ta dah!


Not really – the prioritizing is apparently important because it lets our brains rest.

Even if we don’t get everything done on our lists – at least we’ve completed the most important things.

In-take & Monitoring

We need an in-take system that can collect all the new to do’s that come into our sphere.

We can use our email filter systems like on Gmail to prioritize, or in Mac mail there are “rules” that you can create to prioritize incoming emails.
It’s also in our best interest to have some sort of a portable to do list – if it’s part of our existing planner function – great. Using the mobile app of our desktop to do application or planner is super useful.

Some people I know make great use out of small 3″ X 4″ or even 2″ X 3″ blank notebooks they carry around with them everywhere to jot down pertinent information on the go.

These have to be integrated into the rest of the to do list system on an at least daily basis.

Schedule planning into your planner as a “to do” on at least a weekly basis. Refer daily to see what’s on your plate. It’s wasted time and effort to do the work and then let it all slip away because we’re not checking in to see what’s next. Again, see my Harvest for this fail.

Where you are and where you’re going

Jessica Abel came up with this handy little chart to help creatives become a little more self-aware of their career direction.

It’s less a planning tool than it is a framework for understanding our direction as creatives and then helping to map our way there.

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