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“Conversations with Christine”

Part V – I’m So Lonely
©2012 Lezley Davidson
The artistic life is solitary. You are responsible for most of your business. Alone in the studio making art is the most likely arrangement.

Consider if this is something you can handle. It’s not for everyone.
©2012 Lezley Davidson
If you’re a gregarious artist that needs to have people around and social interaction to be comfortable, maybe a home-based studio isn’t your best choice.

Maybe a studio in an art collective or a shared studio space with one or more artists would be ideal.

If you really want to keep your studio space private, maybe you could schedule lunches or coffees regular with friends and artists. You could organize a weekly artist meet-up and tick both social and industry news and networking boxes at once.

How much alone time do you need as an artist? What can you handle?

Who knows – maybe the thought of hours of uninterrupted alone time to make art in your home studio is a dream come true.
As an artist – what is your ideal alone and social time ratio?
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After having these discussions with Christine – she’s back on her artist path and excited about the options for her future.

Instead of wondering what she’s going to do with her art, she’s been researching opportunities online, in her neighbourhood and with local and national art foundations.

Our conversations now focus around art marketing and promotion and the artists that she’s meeting that are inspiring her, by example, that a viable life and business is not only possible with art, but joyfully and abundantly probable.
Christine worked through The Marketing Lab.

The Marketing LabChristine completed the 7 modules as an introduction to art business and it changed the way she saw her art.

“I didn’t know who would want what I made… I mean, I just couldn’t imagine who would have need for large-scale sculpture.

Now I see my art as bringing value to people’s lives and improving places, spaces and experiences. I understand how public works and community commissions are funded and have a framework for targeting my efforts.

I see my job as an artist, not only about bringing form to my ideas – but learning how to find and connect with the right people for my particular work.”

~Christine, 22


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