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I go a little off the rails in today’s podcast…

I’m all about “The Meaning” and I think it’s vitally important for artists to understanding how their art is connecting to their audience.

It makes it easier to create relevant and effective marketing material and makes it more likely that you’ll be connecting to the people who are going to love your work the most.

If you’d like to dig deeper into the Meaning and Message of your art – check out the Branding, Message and Voice class.

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    So, I’m done. Ready to roll out this inexpensive, lazy-man’s, leave-behind promo. The Oracle is acting like a glorified postcard… or business card. It’s a mini ad campaign and it’s gotta work for us. It’s gotta bring the AIDA. What?         A.I.D.A: Attention > Interest > Desire > Action   […]

I posted a couple weeks ago about Guerrilla Marketing strategies and “discovery” methods of accidental promotion. I love doing this kind of marketing – it’s fun, random… it has a whole different kind of life than a regular campaign and it’s just… fun. So, this is my idea for the “lazy-man-leave-behind”… an Origami Oracle!! Watch […]

I’m a big fan of urban art. Street art. Found art… It’s the act of discovery – the feeling of participation and being “in” on something. That’s all part of my attraction – Banksy and Shepard Fairey have built their careers on urban art and the fascination of discovery. Bansky just recently allowed the public […]

It’s common – and really, after a big promotional push of related blog posts, emails, scheduled social media updates, snail mail, videos, press releases and pinterest posts – OF COURSE you’re done… right? Nope.

Unlike white collar careers, in art there’s no graduated set of steps to follow to pursue success.

“Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die…” I’m not generally interested in posting book reviews, but this book is perfect for a blog post because it’s got a cool acronym. Made to Stick (2007) by Dan Heath & Chip Heath is a handbook on how to make your ideas more memorable…’sticky’, so to speak. Despite […]