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There’s been a lot of talk about promoted posts on Facebook and the fact that only about 10-15% of the people that have “liked” your page will actually have your posts show up on their feed.

There’s not a lot you can do to remedy this situation if you’re not interested in paying to promote your posts.

You can, however, ask the people that like your page to add your page to their “Interests Lists”.

#1 Add to Interests Lists…

For any page that you want to ensure you get their posts >> click the settings wheel and “Add to Interests Lists”.


#2 Create an Interests Lists

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll be prompted to create an Interest List to add pages of interest to.


Click on any pages you want to add to your list and it will create a little checkmark on that page.

#3 Name and Save List

Name your list and decide on your privacy setting. I want my interest list to be private, but ironically, I’ve posted it here for everyone to see. Silly me.


#4 Ta Da!

Your list will show up in the left sidebar under “Interests”. It’s not an ideal solution, but asking your audience to add your page to their interests list is a step in the right direction, without having to pay to promote your posts.


I’ve got several different lists now and they’re broken down by subject matter and whether it’s fun & friends or business & education. Now I just have to remember to go look at the lists… and that’s the trouble with this method. It’s not automatic.

But short of paying for it – it’s the best method for exposure that we’ve got right now.

If you want to never miss out on one of my posts >> please add The Artist As Entrepreneur to your Interests List – thanks!!

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