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ComicxscapingLJ appears to be a true child of media as he’s got his fingers in many different media pies: comics, video and music!

LJ says:

Hi! My name’s LJ and I’m a 22-year-old artist from Boston, MA. I currently do a webcomic series entitled COMIXSCAPE about a young boy’s adventures around his new town with his pet raccoon.

Along the way he deals with things such as a team of raccoon forest hunters, a kid with access to strange, advanced technology carrying a grudge, and mysterious looming forces (unbeknownst to him) overseeing his actions with his pet.

What originated as something rather reminiscent of comic strips such as Calvin and Hobbes has now developed into it’s own weird world over the course of it’s (at current) 4 chapters.

Part of why my art is important is due to what my intentions are with it.

Ultimately, I want to change the face of webcomics and what folks are able to do with their own original, independent properties on the net.

There’s endless potential beyond us artists having more of a solid platform to produce works involving our own IPs, and I believe I reflected my intentions on this fairly accurately in my Creator Talk seminar for the Boston Comics Roundtable, which allowed me to break down my process and journey so far.

I also intended the first small step of this type of thing to be reflected by the motion comic series done on COMIXSCAPE on my YouTube channel, which I directed and produced. I’ve also recently completed a character song mixtape entitled COMIXTAPE that will see release in the coming months.

Thank you,



The Comixscape Gallery




If you like to learn more about LJ’s Comixscape – check out his social media profiles. Check out the YouTube channel – it’s a great way to see the comics come alive.

It reminds me of Imaginism Studios “Niko & the Sword of Light”. Very Cool.



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