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This is the end.

Of the Art A & A podcast.

This is the last new podcast I’m recording and publishing. If anything comes up again it’ll be a repeat.

The podcast has been fun and something that I did because I enjoyed creating audio versions of my blogs. I still like talking with you, but I’m doing that in a different more creative way now.

As much as the podcast audience grew (a bit), it hasn’t grown in a way that merits me spending the time recording, editing and producing the episodes.

So… thank you so much for listening – but this will be the last episode.

My new favourite thing: Recurpost

Meet Edgar - an amaze balls social media choice.When Edgar was first revealed I wanted it SO MUCH for social media posting. Imagine a social media software that saved all your posts and categorized them and then reposted them based on your scheduling!! AMAZE BALLS.

$50 a month. (Now $80!!)

Too expensive.

And it’s not getting cheaper so I let it go as a posting option.

Enter Recurpost.


Recurpost is a scaled back version of everything Edgar does. FOR FREE.

Seriously. They offer a robust forever free version of a reposting social media system. LOVE!

So I created a bunch of “hero” images around my opt-ins and product items and then scheduled them into Recurpost to post in an ongoing fashion. Woohoo!

“The Studio” Hero Image


I got all my hero image templates from Creative Market:




I can go in and change up the images or the wording, and the schedule. I’m also tracking all the links in Tiny Url to find out which ones are getting the most clicks.

Did I mention that it’s free?

The new broadcast plan

Now I’m using the free version of Recurpost, which also has an blog RSS publish option to share your blog posts automagically and reshare them again based on your schedule.

I’m also using the free version of Buffer. I used to have the paid version in order to schedule more than 20 posts at a time. Now with Recurpost I don’t need that many posts to schedule interesting blog content and articles from around the web with Buffers content search options.

I choose the websites I want to monitor and it pulls in their publishing feed so I can share to my social media channels within the Buffer dashboard. Very handy.

Did I mention that it was also free?

So that’s my new set up. Very excited to have found Recurpost.

I hope it helps you out in your social media sharing and please share with me your best practices in social media sharing.

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