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kimfbprofileSo, I want to share with you a new partnership that I’ve entered with artist Kim Ellery.

Kim and I have know each other for several years.

We first “met” a couple years ago when she hired me for biz coaching for her fine art business. She loved me and my vibe and thought I was awesome. (Thanks Kim!)

She contacted me a month ago to partner as her retail agent.

Kim wanted to expand into more products and an online retail platform, but she absolutely wasn’t interested in setting up any of that stuff herself. She thought of me as the perfect person to manage and market that part of the business. (Totally true.)

I am the new Retail Agent for Spread the Love by Kim Ellery!.

I source production options and set up storefronts, payments, product images, promotions, connections to social media platforms, discounts, reports, advertising… I manage all the retail platform aspects so that Kim can stay in the studio and paint.

Here’s a video of Kim getting her very first shipment of products:

Isn’t she cute??

We’re sourcing other options for scarves because Kim’s work is so brilliant and “pow-ey” that having muted scarves isn’t serving her brand identity at all.

The phone case and the beanies turned out great!
I’m still waiting for my beanie and socks to come in and I’ll live stream them on the Facebook Page. Check out Kim’s store for more items. (PSST 30% off until November 27th!)

Looking for an Online Retail Agent?

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m going to take on many more artists as an agent.

However, if you’re interested in becoming a Retail Agent client – please fill out this intake form and we can see if a partnership will be mutually beneficial.


Kim Ellery Gallery

Kim’s work is suited for a lot of products because the pieces work as single canvases AND are fields of colour that work as patterns on products.

Don’t change your style on a whim – but if you’re interested in moving into products and merchandise, consider how your art and images will look on merchandise products available.

Browse POD shops and sign up – even if it’s just to use their mock up tools to see how your art and images will look on merchandise.

Click images to embiggen.

"Live creative."
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