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©Collin Key Click the image for original.

©Collin Key
Click the image for original.

I super love love LOVE texture… so I’m always on the lookout for incorporating and creating texture in my paintings.

I haven’t tried rice paper or plastic wrap for 20 years, so I thought it was a good time to revisit these two easy and accessible textures which can be used effectively for both watercolour and acrylic!

If you love texture… Google Image search “texture”
– it’ll blow your mind.

I can’t believe it took me this long…

The Video Demo:

The Scan:

~Full Sheet~              ~Pieces of Paper~

RicePaperFull  RicePaperPieces
Click image to embiggen.

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This is a traditional Chinese practice paper and I really like how it takes ink. You can’t really blend watercolour at all, but you can spot colour a pen and ink illustration really well.

Kawairi Chiri is probably my favourite to work with. Similar enough to watercolour paper to move around and bleed and be awesome, but different enough to not be watercolour paper… which would be boring.