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This is a traditional Chinese practice paper and I really like how it takes ink. You can’t really blend watercolour at all, but you can spot colour a pen and ink illustration nicely.


Dan Xuan Rice Paper Test

Give the video a minute to load after you hit play. It looks like it’s not doing anything… but it is.

I guess that’s the trade off for having better looking picture – longer waits.

It’ll be worth it when we show you step-by-step techniques.

Diana Bullock: Watercolour & Resist on Rice Paper

Summer's Heart ©Diana Bullock

Summer's Heart ©Diana Bullock, watercolour

Diana’s getting some really beautiful effects using watercolour on rice paper with a wax or cream resist. She’s using a mulberry rice paper off the roll that’s very similar to Dan Xuan.

Kawairi Chiri is probably my favourite to work with. Similar enough to watercolour paper to move around and bleed and be awesome, but different enough to not be watercolour paper… which would be boring.

This month I tested 10 rice papers with watercolour, acrylic, micron & copic pens and my trusty Pentel brush pen.
If you like to skip ahead – my favourites were Kawairi Chiri, Masa & Kingin.