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Someone looks like they can bend space & time.

Someone looks like they can bend time & space.

 Bathsheba Sculpture is Bathsheba Grossman, who I stumbled upon while looking up the author of The Magicians.

Lev Grossman is coincidentally Bathsheba’s brother and genetic inheritor of superior creative awesomeness.

How much would it suck to be their other sibling (if they had one), the one that’s an accountant? lol

Oh wait… they do have another brother.

He’s also a published writer.

So is their dad, Allen Grossman.

And mum.



Also, how awesome is the name Bathsheba??

“I’m a sculptor exploring the space between art, math, and life.
My work is about living in three dimensions, finding symmetry and balance, feeling for the tension between pure geometry and natural forms.”



I love and am mesmerized by these beautiful offspring of math and artistry.

They’re a Gigerian imaging of mathematical forms.

They fascinate me.

Check out Bathsheba Sculpture on Faceook.

Or get your hands an plastic versions of these beauts at Shapeways – sculpture POD!

I almost missed the laser crystals AND the lamps!


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February is book month for us here at The Artist as Entrepreneur – for no other reason than “we said so.” I’ve always been fascinated by the repurposing of books as sculptures and this link “40+ Inspiring Book & paper Sculptures” fit all the sweet spots. The attention to detail in these pieces is unbelievable. […]